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There are many, many beautiful women in this world. Wherever you go you are bound to run into one. Hang out at any bar or club. Attend a sporting event or rock concert. Heck, go to your local supermarket and there is a good chance that a pretty gal is in the very next aisle checking out the fruit!

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However, despite the fact that simply spotting an attractive woman is not especially difficult, finding one that is just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside is far more challenging. Now, if in addition, she is also intelligent, talented, sweet, and ambitious…then my friend, you have come across one of the rarest treasures on earth! Enter Sheri Stewart. A 24 year old up and coming fitness model from Canada with all the “ingredients” mentioned above, plus one more that will surely set her apart as she continues to pursue her career. What is that extra “ingredient?” STAR QUALITY! To speak to Sheri is to know that the world has a future star on its hands. Her personality is electric, her looks, dazzling. She knows what she wants and is determined to get it. But at the same time there is no arrogance and not a hint of conceit. She is simply filled with confidence and good nature. After just one conversation with Sheri I am convinced that she will be the next Monica Brandt, Ami Fahdli, or Rachel Moore. So sit back and enjoy as you get to know a little bit about this Canadian gem.

IM: Hey Sheri! How are you?

SS: Great and you?

IM: I’m good. Thanks. So lets start this party, ok?

SS: I’m ready!

IM: So tell me where and when you were born.

SS: I was born in Oshawa, Ontario. Otherwise known as the GM (General Motors) capitol of the world. I was born on October 24th, 1978. A Scorpio just barely (giggling). I now reside in Toronto.

IM: Hey, I’m a Scorpio too! Unfortunately I’m ten years older than you. Do you have any siblings?

SS: Yes, I have two. One brother that is 12, and a younger sister that is 18. They are both wonderful and very special to me.

IM: What are your parents like?

SS: Well my parents brought me up quite strictly. My mother has a strong religious belief and we attended church weekly. They pushed me to excel in academics. It was the number one priority in our household. My mother was very involved with my childhood. She took me to everything, from dance lessons to girl guides. Both my parents are kind, motivating, and loving individuals.

IM: What kind of kid were you? An angel or a little devil?

SS: I was very quiet and quite shy. Not a troublemaker at all. I was a bit of a bookworm I would say. I always “hung” with the more “popular crowd,” but because I was the “good girl” I always felt out of place. It is strange how you change when you mature. I should also mention that I was very involved in sports. I won awards for volleyball, track and field, and basketball. I also did very well in English although it was not a favorite subject of mine. I won a literacy award for a short story that I wrote and had published in the Electric Circus as well as other awards in Public Speaking

IM: Wow! You were a busy kid! Did you have many boyfriends growing up?

SS: Well, let’s just say that although I only dated a few people, I never had a chance to be lonely (smiling).

IM: So did you go to college? If so, what did you study?

SS: I am currently attending college for web design. This is mainly for my own interest so that I will be able to build a “blockbuster” website for myself and other fitness models who need online promotion. Next year I hope to attend University for the Pharmacology program in hopes of becoming a clinical pharmacist. It is a 7-year program in total.

IM: Quite the ambitious one you are!

SS: Yup!

IM: So how did you first get into modeling?

SS: I sent my photos into Robert Kennedy and he asked me to come in for an interview. He then set me up to be shot for Musclemags’ Just Lingerie issue. The rest was a snowball effect after appearing in Musclemag. It was a great opportunity!

IM: Was this your first modeling assignment?

SS: No actually. When I was 18, I was a “Toronto Sunshine Girl.”

IM: Have you ever entered any modeling competitions?

SS: Yes. I competed in the Miss Swimsuit Canada and the Miss Venus Swimwear. I was a finalist in both. Currently, I hold the title of Miss Autoworld 2002.

IM: Miss Autoworld, huh? Are your parents supportive of your modeling career?

SS: Yes! I think they were surprised at how sexy and daring I chose to model at first, but that quickly gave way to them showing my work to anyone and everyone they could.

IM: Speaking of daring and sexy…what are your favorite clothes to model in?

SS: Lingerie has to be my favorite. I just feel so sexy putting on a pair of lace stockings and a garter belt.

IM: I think I speak for all men when I say, “We appreciate that!”

SS: (laughing)

IM: Have you traveled to any exotic locations for a modeling assignment?

SS: (laughs) I’d have to say California and Florida were pretty exotic for me because of the ocean and palm trees. Seriously though, I once did a bikini shoot in Acapulco.

IM: Obviously, you have worked very hard to achieve the physique that you now have. When did you start training?

SS: I actually started in high school about 10 years ago. I was involved in a leadership gym program that was offered at the school for “elite athletes.” The difference in this program was the ladies were allowed to choose their own curriculum. Of course being women of the 90s, we chose to train!

IM: Can you give us an idea of what your current training program is like?

SS: Well, I train 2 days on, 1 day off. I always train two bodyparts per day and tend to split them up. For example, I will do back in the morning and biceps in the evening. I do three exercises for smaller bodyparts and four exercises for large bodyparts. Reps are kept in the range of 8-12, lifting as heavy as possible for all 3 sets that I do per exercise. Cardio is always done on an empty stomach as soon as I wake up. I tend to skip or I will do step aerobics. Throughout the week I also do many forms of “fun” cardio, like rollerblading, cycling, gymnastics, or dance classes.

IM: And what about diet? How do you eat to stay so shapely and lean?

SS: I used to cut carbs and fats super low and eat high protein, however, I found this only made me feel weak and sick. Fitness is a lifestyle and should be about feeling good inside and out. A typical diet plan for me would be something like this:

Meal 1-
1 scoop of a low carb chocolate protein powder mixed with water and 1 tbsp of Udo’s Oil
1 serving of Red River with 1.5 tbsp sugar free syrup
1 pack of Ultimate Nutrition vitamins

Meal 2-
1 chicken breast stir-fried in Pam and 2 cups assorted veggies
cup brown basmati rice

Meal 3-
1 chicken breast grilled with 2 cups veggies
Small yam

Meal 4-
1 can tuna mixed with mesculin mix and 1 tbsp Udo’s Oil

Meal 5-
Protein shake mixed with water

IM: Well, it’s quite obvious that your nutrition and training regimen are working VERY well!

SS: (giggling) Thank you.

IM: What advice do you have for other girls that wish to pursue a career in modeling?

SS: Well, to start with, you need professional pictures. Find a good photographer with a portfolio and references. After all, this is how you are going to sell yourself to prospective magazines and agencies. Next, you must ask yourself what area of modeling you are interested in. If you stand 5’5” tall it is not a realistic goal to be a fashion model. If you want to be a fitness model, make sure you look the part. Try to compare yourself to the images you see published in the magazines. Realize that if you choose to model, it is not all fun and games. Not everyone succeeds. There can be a lot of rejection, but you must keep on trying. “Shoot “days can be extremely grueling, sometimes working from sunrise to sunset. If you are not in shape and cannot keep a high energy level and positive attitude, you will not last. Modeling takes a lot of time and commitment. You always have to look your best and present yourself well at all times, even if you don’t feel your best.

IM: Great advice. So tell us your goals for the future.

SS: Hmmm…I have a lot of future goals. To name a few, I’d like to make the cover of a fitness publication, graduate from University, and eventually compete in a Galaxy Fitness competition.

IM: Do you have a website where people can see pictures and learn more about you?

SS: You bet! In the next couple of months it’s really going to be revamped. There will be video clips to download, a huge gallery featuring pictures of myself and other top fitness models, and a live weekly web cam! You can check me out in cyberspace at www.sheristewart.com.

IM: That sounds great Sheri! Thanks for taking the time to talk with me, and for letting everyone into your life a little bit. Good luck in your very bright future.

SS: No, Thank YOU Eric! This was a lot of fun!

To see more pictures of Sheri Stewart you can visit her website here: www.sheristewart.com

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